Brixton Finishing School

The brief

To raise awareness about Brixton Finishing School and its effort to disrupt the way creative industries recruit talent.


Content Ideation
Art Direction
Digital Design
Motion Graphics

The approach

To Brixton Finishing School, recruitment in our industry should be about the person, not their background—their raw talent, not their qualifications. As a result, the not-for-profit is championing diversity and inclusivity to make adland accessible to everyone.

To get to the root of the problem, it conducted a survey among 17-30-year-olds on the challenges they face in breaking into the creative industry. It was up to us to present the findings and so, #SparkChange was born.

As a pro bono social campaign, #SparkChange focuses on the hard-hitting facts, like the 71% of students who believe knowing the right people is a barrier to a career or the 42% who say there are no role models to look up to. We wanted to encourage as many sponsors, supporters and students as possible to join Brixton Finishing School’s mission, and we’ll continue to do so as long as we’re a part of its community of ‘change makers’.

The result

We are now one of the 47 partners doing their bit to help Brixton Finishing School change the lives of future creators.
“Working in collaboration with Chapel on our #SparkChange social campaign was quite frankly, awesome. The team approached the ask with such confidence and passion, we had nothing but trust in their ability to bring our vision to life. The work they produced made a significant difference to the funding we raised, so we can’t thank them enough for their donation of time and expertise.”
Ally Owen, Founder Brixton Finishing School